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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Lilly the Pit Bull Saves Woman from Train, REAL Hero

I hate that when pit bulls are talked about and brought up, its always about what horrible, aggressive, and unfriendly dogs they are. If people would take the chance to actually meet a pit bull or be around a "pit bull" I feel like their whole perception would change. Take Lilly, the pit bull's story for instance.

Last Wednesday Christine, Lilly the pit bull's owner fell unconsious as she was walking across some train tracks in Shirley, MA. As the train was approching, the train opreator noticed something remarkable while trying to hault the train in time without hitting the woman. Lilly was sacrificing herself to try and pull her long time human companion off the tracks. 

Lilly, the pit bull, you know a horrible killing machine, was risking her life to save someone that cared about her. How could you even say these dogs don't deserve the time of day. I know people that wouldn't have even stepped in to help a person in need, yet this dog was willing to die for her owner, Christine. Truley amazing!!

When rescuers arrived at the scene they saw Lilly standing over her owner as if to say everything is fine, even though it wasn't. Christine, Lilly's owner was not injured at all in the horrific experience but Lilly was.

Photo Credit: Angel Animal Medical Center

Lilly had suffered from severe trauma, multiple pelvis fractures, and had to have her right leg amputated due to the trains wheels roling over it. I hate hearing that Lilly had to suffer to help her owner Christine, but she is a prime example of what a pit bull is about.

Pit bulls portray love in ways no other dog or animal could. Lilly's bravery should show the great compassion and loyalty pit bulls represent.

Lilly is recovering from all her injuries and Christine is so thankful for the dog she saved from death was willing to return the favor. Its a truly remarkable story about the love between a pit bull and its owner and I wish people would take the time to see that this is what pit bulls are truely about.

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