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Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Good Pit Bull is a Supervised Pit Bull

Hey guys, I know in the title I said "A Good Pit Bull is a Supervised Pit Bull," but to be honest, I believe what I'm about to say should be directed towards all dogs and dog owners and not just pit bulls.

You come across people and their pets all the time, hopefully most being great experiences, but sometimes unexpected things do happen. When talking to a pet owner, and I'm guilty of this, I enjoy being able to say what a great dog I have and that in my mind I don't think he( Motley my pit bull) would ever attack a person or other dog in this life time.

This is slightly ignorant because I know my dog, being a pit bull, was brought up with that prey drive in them, but because he's been properly socialized and trained I've become accustomed to his triggers and warning signs and the ability to react accordingly. BUT, what's to say I'm not there and can't react?

Everyone knows my stance on leashes, and I hope everyone uses them, but this post is more about leaving your dogs in the yard for long amounts of time, even with a leash. How about if I use this analogy?

Would you leave your kid in the backyard and come back in 30 minutes and expect them not to have done something mischievous?

Its the same with our dogs!! They are curious, attentive to their surroundings, and have minds of their own so nothing should ever be expected. Always keep an eye on your pet or take the proper precautions when you can't be there to supervise. I've heard so many stories of great owners losing their pets because they didn't think their dog would escape the gate, whether that means lost, hit by car, etc.

The saddest story I've heard was about and owner and her beloved four year old pit bull. What makes this story worse is the fact that she was a great owner and really thought she took the proper precautions. The pit bull was let outside and because she needed to get the kids ready for school and what not, she put it on a rope so just incase, the pit bull wouldn't jump or escape the fence. Sadly, the pit bull did try to jump the fence but the rope was to short and ended up hanging itself. When the owner came out to let her pit bull back in the house it was too late.

Its a horrible story and I wish I didn't have to tell people about it but I just want everyone to realize that nothing is expected and you should be supervising your pets at all times. Its your duty as the owner.

Just something to think about...

Friday, March 16, 2012

Pit Bull Advocacy Video

Please take the time to check out this little video my pit bull Motley and I made!!
We are spreading to all possible outlets to get our message across and spread to the world!!
Pit Bulls are LOVE!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

This is what I walked into after my day at work. He didn't even wake up and greet me at the stairs! I guess we did have a long day yesterday after all.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Save A Pit Bull, Fight BSL

I dont know what comes to mind when everyone sees videos like this but it kills me to know people have to give up their beloved friends and companions because bad owners and breeders have given pit bulls such a bad name. Do you see the faces of these dogs in the video? How can you not see the love these dog possess if just given the chance.

I look at my pit bull Motley as my kid. He's the one, no matter how hard my day is, that will be waiting for me with a big smile on his face when I get home. When I'm sick he stays right next to me, knowing fully well he can't help, but that hes willing to fight it out with me. The days he finally learns a new trick and you feel accomplished almost as a parent because its taken so long for him to learn.

You know how painful it would be for me to just hand Motley over to be killed because people who have no knowledge of these dogs and breeds that make up "pit bulls" want to sign a piece of paper banning them from where you live. It's horrible and I feel for everyone that has had to go through that situation and the beloved pit bulls that lost their lives for nothing.

I hope everyone takes the time to really understand BSL legislation. It could be coming to a city near you, so be sure to voice your opinions so these dogs, that have done nothing have a chance. 

One voice can be heard by millions!!!!
Please let your voice be heard!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dog Park vs. Dog Walk

My pit bull Motley and I pass the dog park every time we go on our walks and it's so tempting to let him play with the other dogs(Motley is well socialized and gets along really well with other dogs), but something always holds me back. Maybe it's because Motley's a pit bull and I hate seeing people give us the "look"(if your a pit bull owner you know what I mean) when we come around or look like we might stop at the dog park.

The, "Here comes the pit bull, its time to go home," look.

Actually the main reason is because most people let their dogs in the dog park and don't pay attention to them. They'd rather talk to other people instead of paying attention to the reactions of the dogs to each other. I'm not saying this is always the case, but you never know if the other dogs have been vaccinated or how they may act towards other dogs. 

I may be a little extra cautious about all of this because I'm an owner of a pit bull, but I'd always rather be safe than sorry. Like I've said before, if anything bad were to happen, Motley would probably be blamed. That's why we have a fun alternative!!

We get together with some doggy friends on a regular basis and take hikes!! If gives the pups a chance to be around other dogs, socialize, and get a tonnnnn of exercise. If you're ever in Virginia Beach, Virginia I have to recommend one place!!

First Landing State Park, also known at Seashore State Park to locals, is the place to hike if your looking for four to five hours of fun with your dog. I recommend First Landing because your not just stuck in the forest the entire time. There you get stroll through the woods, take time for the dogs to swim at the beach, and even open areas to throw the ball around!

If your passing through and not from the area, First Landing also has some of the best campgrounds around. Might I add that they are dog friendly too!!  

It's definitely a fun place to go and if your in the area its a great experience for your dogs. I know not everyone has time to hike all the time but we just wanted tell our alternative to just playing at a dog park.

Motley and I hope everyone is doing GREAT!!!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pit Bull Contest Possibility

As bloggers and especially doggy bloggers, Motley and I have really been trying to come up with a way to have an interactive experience for all our serious followers and friends at The Pit Bull Palace!! A way for you to also help and get involved in spreading the wonderful characteristics of our precious pit bulls.

This is what Motley and I have come up with so that its all in the readers hands as to who wins. We will start having a weekly photo contest crowning a winner in the pit bull male category, pit bull female category, and an outside breed category (so our readers that don't own pit bulls still have a chance to enter the contest).

The way to enter this weekly competition will be real simple!! All you have to do is visit The Pit Bull Palace Facebook Page and like the page. Once you like the page just submit your dog picture to the time line. From Sunday to Saturday we will tally the likes up for each picture posted and the pit bull with the most likes for each category will win!!! We are doing it this way so that to win you need the other readers votes so nothing is biased!! To get more likes just spread the word about The Pit Bull Palace to your friends and have them vote for your dog picture. 

Each winner will have its own feature section along our sidebar. Here we will have a short bio and links to your facebook, twitter, and/or blog. 

So let the contests BEGIN. Visit
to post and start liking pictures!!!

Make sure to spread the word to your friends about The Pit Bull Palace Facebook Page so your able to get more likes!!!! I can't wait to see who the first winners will be!

Pit Bull Boredom

Hey puppy friends and doggy bloggers! Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying some great time with their doggy companions!!

So in Virginia Beach, Virginia the past two days it been raining and raining and raining. My pit bull just sits at the door and stares as if he's praying to the weather god's that he needs it to stop so we can go play. They, as much as it hurts to say, have not been listening to my poor pups prayers.

This is the look he's giving to me right now, like "Daddy can we PLEASEEEE go somewhere?"

Maybe if it stops, tonight we will be able to take a walk on the boardwalk at the beach and say hello to the females. Motley likes the attention and who can resist a pit bull face like that. haha

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

Someone once told me,"If you love your dog, you should be trying to teach it as much as possible to better them for every situation they may happen across."

I took this advice rather seriously, not just because I wanted a smart dog, but because a well obedient and well trained dog will make every situation a whole lot more fun! For example a dog that knows the command come, when you as the owner see something about to happen, alleviates the thought of your dog doing something unexpected, in turn being able to go more places. I guess you could say an under control dog is a great dog.

Before even getting my pit bull Motley, I began training myself as the owner in what things I was going to come across in my first adventure with a new dog of my own. I read books, training guides, articles, used the web, etc. just so I knew I'd be able to bring my pit bull up in the best way possible. I'm only going to recommend one book because a lot of them say the same things but DIY Easy Dog Training by Sharda Baker is a must get. If you are just starting to look for a pet or have a puppy this book is for you! I like this one more then most because most of the information comes from personal experiences, not just a how to kind  of approach.

Training your pet can be one of the most enjoyable experiences and yet one of the most frustrating experiences depending on how you want to make it. Every dog is different so training comes with knowing your dogs behaviors and building that relationship with it. When it comes to training a dog I will STRESS every time that POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT is the ONLY way to properly train one. What does that mean?

-Don't hit your dog
-Don't yell at your dog
-Don't abuse your dog(emotionally or physically)

Most dogs want to please their owners so be patient and know not everything happens over night. One training tip for you puppy owners that I myself would suggest(house training) is repitition. Keep your pets on a schedule, THEY LOVE IT!!

But back to positive reinforcement training!!( Got a little sidetracked) When training, always praise the dog for good behavior. This could mean anything from a slight "Good Dog", to a treat, or showing affection to your dog. They need to know what they are doing correct, not what they are doing wrong. If you yell when a dog does something wrong it only excites the dog thinking what it's doing is proper. Treat the dog for success not failure.

In the near future Motley and I will be posting videos of all our tircks we've learned over time.
Some he caught on quick and others he still gets confused, but he loves trick time because he knows treats are involved. Ha I hope all our doggy friends and owners also love this bonding time with each other!!!