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Monday, April 16, 2012

Pit Bull Takes Bullet in the Head to Protect Owner, AND Survives

So it was a regular day for pit bull owner Justin Becker when everything got turned upside down. A burglar dressed up as a FedEx man decided to make Mr. Decker's home his target for the day. 

As Mr. Decker opened the door the burglar pushed his way into the house.

"He barged in. My first reaction after seeing the gun was to push him out, so I pushed him towards the door. Like I said, he fell like wedged by the door. I slammed him inside the door and he was trying to escape because of getting crushed," Becker said.

That's where his fearless pit bull Kilo jumped in to action to protect his owner.

 “Now Kilo came out to protect me. Grrr, he tried to come through the door at the guy, his head was out. Grrr, then I heard the guy, three gunshots,” Becker said.

Kilo was struck in the head by one of the three bullets which then ricocheted off his skull and exited through the back of his neck.

The gunman was able to escape but the mood switched quickly from burglar to Kilo. Was Becker's fearless 12 year old pit bull going to make it through his injuries?

Amazingly three days after Kilo was struck by the bullet, he was able to start walking and moving around. Even Dr. Panarello said he was impressed by pit bulls will to live and that Kilo was,"Incredibly lucky!"

As pit bull owners and supporters, we know what the true side of pit bulls are so hearing this story I can't help but thank the big man upstairs for protecting such a loyal and strong pit bull (Kilo). He knew something was wrong and jumped into action to protect is human counterpart and you can't be anything but thankful for a pet companion like that!

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  1. Wow! Pit bulls are absolutely amazing, loving, and loyal! I'm so glad Kilo survived and pray he can continue to live a happy life! :)

  2. What an awesome dog you are Kilo! so glad you made it.

  3. What a wonderful, loyal dog. True hero!

  4. What a lucky dog, and what a lucky human to have such a great dog!

  5. Pit Bulls are just such gorgeous dogs and I wish more people would realise they only want to be loved. So pleased Kilo survived - he's a hero!