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Before Motley and I get started on why we started this blog, we would like to first thank you all for taking the time to read the posts and check up on what is going on with us on a daily basis!! We enjoy hearing from all of our doggy friends, owners, potential owners, etc so please continue to leave comments, and if you haven't, drop a comment. We love meeting new friends and we also comment back and visit all of our commenter's/new followers!

The main reason Motley and I chose to start this blog was to give pit bulls the attention they truly and greatly deserve!! Most of the time, pit bulls are portrayed as some of the most vicious, untrustworthy, killing machines on the planet. It sickens me to hear about it all, by the way Motley hates it, because normally the people spreading that message have never taken the time to actually meet a pit bull in person.
This is why The Pitbull Palace was started. Motley and I would like to show people on a regular basis, the great characteristics pit bulls contain. Rather then hear stories past down and down by generation, you can see how smart, gentle, and caring these dogs really are. 

That's honestly the reason we started this blog and would love for everyone to share with others!! I know personally I could never trade my pi tbull Motley in for anything and would love for people to see what great dogs they can really be!! I tell people, "If you believe all that bad hype about pit bulls, you're going to miss out on one of the best dog companions you could find!!"