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Monday, February 27, 2012

Talking About Pit Bulls

As a huge pit bull activist, and just truly enjoying the chance to portray pit bulls in a good light, you will never catch me silent when it comes to talking about pit bulls and the breeds that make up "pit bulls." 

Everyone has their own opinions on these dogs but not many take the time to appreciate what this breed of dogs actually bring to the table. Have you seen the great things pit bulls are capable of doing or do you only recognize the label the media has put on them?

This is probably the picture that comes to mind when someone says pit bull, if you have never gotten the chance to meet one personally.  I think it's horrible that this is how pit bulls are portrayed when they were only being loyal to how they were taught and raised. 

If you take a look back at the history of pit bulls you will notice these dogs are some of the most loyal and obedient breeds of dogs on the planet. Do you think they put that information in just to sound good? NO!!! Even now pit bulls are used in some very important positions because of how intelligent and obedient they are.

As the pictures show, pit bulls are used with the elderly as rehab dogs, to fight crime with the police, and even used for search and rescue situations!!! I don't know about you, but there are not too many other dogs I can think of that can handle all these different situations and still be happy in its element like a pit bull. Have I shed a little bit of light on how great these dogs are yet?

What about these pit bull puppy pictures?

Pit bulls are killers huh, They just come out of the womb vicious? That is not even realistic!  All dogs are different and you can definitely not account for every dogs actions, but pit bulls are just like every other breed of dog. They are cute, playful, and act as how they are taught. If you teach a pit bull how to properly act , you will find they don't cause trouble and just want to please and love on their human counter-parts. What more could you ask for out of a dog companion?


  1. They are such a versatile breed! You can't change everyone's mind, but I like to think people are becoming more open. I really don't think I will ever own another kind of dog!

  2. Well pawed mates!

    RA, Isis & Nanuk

  3. A lot of people don't understand that their prejudices effect me and my dog. I rescued my pit Schultz from the local shelter as an adult dog and he has a few problems. He is very dog reactive (he is just obnoxiously excited to make friends) and he is extremely scared of anyone but my husband and I. It makes him difficult to take out in public because the last thing I want is to have my pit bull "acting up" in public. Which makes it difficult to work on his socialization. He's just a normal dog who had a rough life but that's not what people see. Thanks for bringing awareness to a huge problem we as pitty owners are all facing.

  4. We need more people just like you to keep spreading the positive stories and squashing the negative, usually untrue or inflated, ones. Organizations like Stubby Dog and Animal Farm Foundation spend a lot of time focusing their message on the positive - we just have to keep up the momentum!

  5. Too too true. There are so many negative things we hear everyday about pitties. However I had a great experience at the dog park this weekend, look out for my post later today.

  6. People have given pitbulls the bad rap they get by what THEY have done to them! Deb

  7. Well said, well said. I know several wonderful Pits.

  8. You're absolutely right about that. I was turned on by the breed when I rescued my Fozzie; now that I know him I don't even think he's a pit bull--he's too big and his face is a different shape. My Sandy, now adopted, is definitely a pit bull, and I will always love her just about to death!

  9. The prejudice about pit bulls is sad and frustrating, but with more and more people speaking out for them, it's slowly, but surely, changing the perception of these wonderful dogs. I've had my girl for almost 9 years and she's the best!

  10. Thanks for sharing this! We love reading your blog, and hope you'll check out ours! Have a great week!


  11. of course...motley and I will head right over

  12. This is a great resource thanks for starting it! I agree with what you're saying but one caution which is for any breed is the fact that the terrier breed in general has a pretty high 'prey' drive so I completely agree that an owner must train and exercise their dog but they also have to understand that left to his/her own instincts or left to get bored or lonely their terrier (jack, pit or rat) or lab or other prey driven/chase driven pooch may break or jump a fence and go after the local cyclist, runner because mom/dad isn't there to correct them. I love my pitbull-past and present. My beagles also can't be trusted not to follow their nose if they aren't being watched (it's their job to do it). GREAT SITE!!!!!

    1. yes i always like to say a good pit bull is a supervised pit bull

  13. I am so glad that there is actually other people out there besides me and my fiance that love and adore pit bulls. We just recently had a chance to have our first new house but we got rejected b/c of my pit, Ace. The excuse was "My wife got her arm shreaded by a pit, if that pit will do it then so will yours." WHAT??!!! I was very mad. My dog is a very hyper 10 month old. He is very big for his age but he would never hurt anybody!!!