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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Pit Bull Puppy That Could; Harper's Story

Hey pit bull friends, bloggers, and supporters!! Hope everything is going incredibly well for each and everyone of you!! Motley and I are waiting for this rain to go away and for the sun to show its face, so we thought we might share this story about an amazing pit bull puppy named Harper.

You see, Harper was given no chance at life by his previous owner, as he was tied up in a garbage bag and tossed into a river. Before I go on with Harper's story, I'd like to speak my mind a bit. If you have a puppy or dog you don't want, PLEASE give it up to a shelter. There is no reason for such things to happen to these dogs that have not even experienced what life is supposed to be like. I couldn't even begin to imagine doing things to my pit bull Motley, let alone a puppy such as tossing it in a river. Its horrible and no dog should experience it so please give them to a shelter or a responsible owner so they may have a real chance at life.

 Now on to Harper's story. Harper did experience that cruelty from his owner who didn't want him. He was found still in the garbage bag about six months ago by a lady named Erica Daniels. When she found Harper, he was lifeless, suffering from "puppy swimming syndrome," which most puppies don't make it through.

Credit: Dolly's Foundation

Erica thought the best case scenario for little Harper would be to humanely euthanize him so he wouldn't have to suffer, but Harper wanted his chance at life. Throughout the night, Harper began moving and showing real signs of life, so he was given that chance.

After some very costly medical procedures Harper is now a happy, 35 pound, 9 month old pit bull.


I love getting to hear about stories like this. Pit bulls are such resilient dogs that really deserve much more respect than they get! How can you not love a face like that? If you'd like more info on Harper's Story please Check It Out. Also please check out Hope4Harper and Dolly's Foundation


  1. I'm glad Harper's story has a happy ending. Also, those are some spectacular ears.

  2. That's a nice ending for Harper.

    Stop by for a visit.

    Flynnah & Roxy xx

  3. AWE!! So happy to hear things worked out!! I hate hearing stories like these, they make me so sad. I know that animals are not people and they can not talk, but they do not deserve to be mistreated as they are... Thanks for the happy story, and he is a cute boy..

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