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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Binnie, The Abandoned Pit Bull Now Fights Terrorism

It's remarkable how wrong the saying, " You can't teach an old dog new tricks," is. With a little time, patience, and affection, anything can happen and/or be taught to our wonderful four legged friends. If you don't beleive me, please check out this story about Binnie the Pit Bull, that's now helping fight for the freedom of each an everyone of us by fighting terrorism.

Binnie was found in a warehouse in North Carolina by a dog handler who saw her abandoned and left for dead. Michael Bullock, the N.C based dog handler, had found Binnie extremely emaciated, tied to the wall of the warehouse by some wire.

Being the dog/animal lover he is, Michael Bullock took Binnie in and nursed the pit bull back to health. While caring for Binnie, Bullock soon started to notice what a talented dog he had in his presense. Binnie had an extremely keen sense of smell and after sometime, Bullock thought it would be smart to train Binnie to use his sense of smell for good. With that being said, Michael Bullock soon started training Binnie in the art of bomb sniffing.

It wasn't long before Binnie found what he was good at. After five weeks of training Binnie had surpassed all expectations, even out sniffing dogs that had been in the program for over ten weeks, being able to identify and sniff out over a dozen different explosives. Remarkable for only training five weeks if you ask me.

After hearing about Binnie, the Kenyan Government reached out to Michael Bullock to see if he would be interested as a dog handler trainer. Instead, Bullock thought sending Binnie would be a much better tool.

Binnie is now being used to fight terrorism on a regular basis for the Kenyan Government, sniffing out explosives in airports making it safe for everyone.

If you'd like to learn more about Binnie and or more info on this story please feel free to 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

My Pit Bull Motley is 3

Hey guys!!!! I've really been slacking on posts lately because I really haven't had the time to sit down and get my thoughts together, but I want to give you an update on my boy Motley. He's now three years old which means he's 21(in doggie years)!!! He's legal! Haa

He are a few pictures from over the past couple weeks.

Hope you enjoy the pictures and in the near future Motley and I will be trying to do a puppy drive to help out with the needs at the Norfolk SPCA(no-kill shelter) located near us. Stay tuned for updates on that so we can fill you in with all the info and we'd love for everyone to be a part of it!! 

Thanks from Motley and I here at The Pit Bull Palace!!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Lilly the Pit Bull Saves Woman from Train, REAL Hero

I hate that when pit bulls are talked about and brought up, its always about what horrible, aggressive, and unfriendly dogs they are. If people would take the chance to actually meet a pit bull or be around a "pit bull" I feel like their whole perception would change. Take Lilly, the pit bull's story for instance.

Last Wednesday Christine, Lilly the pit bull's owner fell unconsious as she was walking across some train tracks in Shirley, MA. As the train was approching, the train opreator noticed something remarkable while trying to hault the train in time without hitting the woman. Lilly was sacrificing herself to try and pull her long time human companion off the tracks. 

Lilly, the pit bull, you know a horrible killing machine, was risking her life to save someone that cared about her. How could you even say these dogs don't deserve the time of day. I know people that wouldn't have even stepped in to help a person in need, yet this dog was willing to die for her owner, Christine. Truley amazing!!

When rescuers arrived at the scene they saw Lilly standing over her owner as if to say everything is fine, even though it wasn't. Christine, Lilly's owner was not injured at all in the horrific experience but Lilly was.

Photo Credit: Angel Animal Medical Center

Lilly had suffered from severe trauma, multiple pelvis fractures, and had to have her right leg amputated due to the trains wheels roling over it. I hate hearing that Lilly had to suffer to help her owner Christine, but she is a prime example of what a pit bull is about.

Pit bulls portray love in ways no other dog or animal could. Lilly's bravery should show the great compassion and loyalty pit bulls represent.

Lilly is recovering from all her injuries and Christine is so thankful for the dog she saved from death was willing to return the favor. Its a truly remarkable story about the love between a pit bull and its owner and I wish people would take the time to see that this is what pit bulls are truely about.

If you like to read more into Lilly's story please check it out HERE

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Pit Bull Puppy That Could; Harper's Story

Hey pit bull friends, bloggers, and supporters!! Hope everything is going incredibly well for each and everyone of you!! Motley and I are waiting for this rain to go away and for the sun to show its face, so we thought we might share this story about an amazing pit bull puppy named Harper.

You see, Harper was given no chance at life by his previous owner, as he was tied up in a garbage bag and tossed into a river. Before I go on with Harper's story, I'd like to speak my mind a bit. If you have a puppy or dog you don't want, PLEASE give it up to a shelter. There is no reason for such things to happen to these dogs that have not even experienced what life is supposed to be like. I couldn't even begin to imagine doing things to my pit bull Motley, let alone a puppy such as tossing it in a river. Its horrible and no dog should experience it so please give them to a shelter or a responsible owner so they may have a real chance at life.

 Now on to Harper's story. Harper did experience that cruelty from his owner who didn't want him. He was found still in the garbage bag about six months ago by a lady named Erica Daniels. When she found Harper, he was lifeless, suffering from "puppy swimming syndrome," which most puppies don't make it through.

Credit: Dolly's Foundation

Erica thought the best case scenario for little Harper would be to humanely euthanize him so he wouldn't have to suffer, but Harper wanted his chance at life. Throughout the night, Harper began moving and showing real signs of life, so he was given that chance.

After some very costly medical procedures Harper is now a happy, 35 pound, 9 month old pit bull.


I love getting to hear about stories like this. Pit bulls are such resilient dogs that really deserve much more respect than they get! How can you not love a face like that? If you'd like more info on Harper's Story please Check It Out. Also please check out Hope4Harper and Dolly's Foundation

Monday, April 16, 2012

Pit Bull Takes Bullet in the Head to Protect Owner, AND Survives

So it was a regular day for pit bull owner Justin Becker when everything got turned upside down. A burglar dressed up as a FedEx man decided to make Mr. Decker's home his target for the day. 

As Mr. Decker opened the door the burglar pushed his way into the house.

"He barged in. My first reaction after seeing the gun was to push him out, so I pushed him towards the door. Like I said, he fell like wedged by the door. I slammed him inside the door and he was trying to escape because of getting crushed," Becker said.

That's where his fearless pit bull Kilo jumped in to action to protect his owner.

 “Now Kilo came out to protect me. Grrr, he tried to come through the door at the guy, his head was out. Grrr, then I heard the guy, three gunshots,” Becker said.

Kilo was struck in the head by one of the three bullets which then ricocheted off his skull and exited through the back of his neck.

The gunman was able to escape but the mood switched quickly from burglar to Kilo. Was Becker's fearless 12 year old pit bull going to make it through his injuries?

Amazingly three days after Kilo was struck by the bullet, he was able to start walking and moving around. Even Dr. Panarello said he was impressed by pit bulls will to live and that Kilo was,"Incredibly lucky!"

As pit bull owners and supporters, we know what the true side of pit bulls are so hearing this story I can't help but thank the big man upstairs for protecting such a loyal and strong pit bull (Kilo). He knew something was wrong and jumped into action to protect is human counterpart and you can't be anything but thankful for a pet companion like that!

If you'd like to read this story yourself please 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Elijah, The REAL Fighting Pit Bull

Before you read the title and think I'm really going to talk about fighting pit bulls, read a little farther and discover what a REAL fighting pit bull is.

A REAL fighting pit bull is the only title that could sum up the life of Elijah the pit bull.

He was discovered in a rural Nebraska area by a local shelter after wandering around for around four days straight. Not only had he been wandering around for four days but Elijah had been shot twice and left for dead by his owners. When the shelter found him he had a bullet wound in his hindquarters and another one near the shoulder blade, which also contained maggots and was infected.

As of right now Elijah, after going through numerous surgeries and rehabbing, is doing quite well and almost fully recovered. Tell me thats not a true fighter! The ones that you thought you could trust tried to kill you, left you for dead, and yet he can still turn around and be friendly with people. Its amazing how great pit bulls can be!

There is a little more to the story about Elijah's previous owner but I didn't want to get into that because it wasn't the part of the story I thought was important. If you'd like to read the full story please feel free to check it out though.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter

We are a day late posting but Motley and I hope everyone enjoyed a spectacular Easter Sunday with family, friends, and of course your beloved pets.
We enjoyed a great lunch and Motley even got to help during the easter egg hunt. (he didnt find any eggs though ha)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Pit Bull Palace T-Shirts

Before Motley and I get started, we wanted to give everyone who took the time to read about the F18 jet crash in Virginia Beach, Virginia yesterday a little update. Everyone in from the apartment complexes have been accounted for and miraculously no one sustained any bad injuries! Eight people including the two jet pilots were taken to the hospital and are doing fine, while everyone at the crash sight has been chipping in and helping in any way possible. Its great even though it could have been really bad, to see a community come together in a time of need and work together!! Makes me feel good to say Motley and I are from Virginia Beach!

So on to the situation at hand. As The Pit Bull Palace grows as a blog and our message starts getting out there to more people we would also like to grow and start branding out a little more. The first thing that came to mind were t-shirts but before we got to deep in that idea we wanted and would love your help/advice as pit bull supporters.

Motley and I have been playing with a few designs, just trying to put our ideas on paper and would like to know what everyone of you think. Are they good designs? What could be changed? What would you like to see? How much would you consider paying for these shirts?

As pit bull supporters, we would like to be able to keep the prices low and yet still be able to give a certain percentage of the profits to some kind of pit bull shelter named at a later time. This will be a way to represent these beloved dogs and also give back to them at the same time. 

What do you think about the idea? the designs?
Please let us know what yall think!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Good Pit Bull is a Supervised Pit Bull

Hey guys, I know in the title I said "A Good Pit Bull is a Supervised Pit Bull," but to be honest, I believe what I'm about to say should be directed towards all dogs and dog owners and not just pit bulls.

You come across people and their pets all the time, hopefully most being great experiences, but sometimes unexpected things do happen. When talking to a pet owner, and I'm guilty of this, I enjoy being able to say what a great dog I have and that in my mind I don't think he( Motley my pit bull) would ever attack a person or other dog in this life time.

This is slightly ignorant because I know my dog, being a pit bull, was brought up with that prey drive in them, but because he's been properly socialized and trained I've become accustomed to his triggers and warning signs and the ability to react accordingly. BUT, what's to say I'm not there and can't react?

Everyone knows my stance on leashes, and I hope everyone uses them, but this post is more about leaving your dogs in the yard for long amounts of time, even with a leash. How about if I use this analogy?

Would you leave your kid in the backyard and come back in 30 minutes and expect them not to have done something mischievous?

Its the same with our dogs!! They are curious, attentive to their surroundings, and have minds of their own so nothing should ever be expected. Always keep an eye on your pet or take the proper precautions when you can't be there to supervise. I've heard so many stories of great owners losing their pets because they didn't think their dog would escape the gate, whether that means lost, hit by car, etc.

The saddest story I've heard was about and owner and her beloved four year old pit bull. What makes this story worse is the fact that she was a great owner and really thought she took the proper precautions. The pit bull was let outside and because she needed to get the kids ready for school and what not, she put it on a rope so just incase, the pit bull wouldn't jump or escape the fence. Sadly, the pit bull did try to jump the fence but the rope was to short and ended up hanging itself. When the owner came out to let her pit bull back in the house it was too late.

Its a horrible story and I wish I didn't have to tell people about it but I just want everyone to realize that nothing is expected and you should be supervising your pets at all times. Its your duty as the owner.

Just something to think about...

Friday, March 16, 2012

Pit Bull Advocacy Video

Please take the time to check out this little video my pit bull Motley and I made!!
We are spreading to all possible outlets to get our message across and spread to the world!!
Pit Bulls are LOVE!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

This is what I walked into after my day at work. He didn't even wake up and greet me at the stairs! I guess we did have a long day yesterday after all.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Save A Pit Bull, Fight BSL

I dont know what comes to mind when everyone sees videos like this but it kills me to know people have to give up their beloved friends and companions because bad owners and breeders have given pit bulls such a bad name. Do you see the faces of these dogs in the video? How can you not see the love these dog possess if just given the chance.

I look at my pit bull Motley as my kid. He's the one, no matter how hard my day is, that will be waiting for me with a big smile on his face when I get home. When I'm sick he stays right next to me, knowing fully well he can't help, but that hes willing to fight it out with me. The days he finally learns a new trick and you feel accomplished almost as a parent because its taken so long for him to learn.

You know how painful it would be for me to just hand Motley over to be killed because people who have no knowledge of these dogs and breeds that make up "pit bulls" want to sign a piece of paper banning them from where you live. It's horrible and I feel for everyone that has had to go through that situation and the beloved pit bulls that lost their lives for nothing.

I hope everyone takes the time to really understand BSL legislation. It could be coming to a city near you, so be sure to voice your opinions so these dogs, that have done nothing have a chance. 

One voice can be heard by millions!!!!
Please let your voice be heard!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dog Park vs. Dog Walk

My pit bull Motley and I pass the dog park every time we go on our walks and it's so tempting to let him play with the other dogs(Motley is well socialized and gets along really well with other dogs), but something always holds me back. Maybe it's because Motley's a pit bull and I hate seeing people give us the "look"(if your a pit bull owner you know what I mean) when we come around or look like we might stop at the dog park.

The, "Here comes the pit bull, its time to go home," look.

Actually the main reason is because most people let their dogs in the dog park and don't pay attention to them. They'd rather talk to other people instead of paying attention to the reactions of the dogs to each other. I'm not saying this is always the case, but you never know if the other dogs have been vaccinated or how they may act towards other dogs. 

I may be a little extra cautious about all of this because I'm an owner of a pit bull, but I'd always rather be safe than sorry. Like I've said before, if anything bad were to happen, Motley would probably be blamed. That's why we have a fun alternative!!

We get together with some doggy friends on a regular basis and take hikes!! If gives the pups a chance to be around other dogs, socialize, and get a tonnnnn of exercise. If you're ever in Virginia Beach, Virginia I have to recommend one place!!

First Landing State Park, also known at Seashore State Park to locals, is the place to hike if your looking for four to five hours of fun with your dog. I recommend First Landing because your not just stuck in the forest the entire time. There you get stroll through the woods, take time for the dogs to swim at the beach, and even open areas to throw the ball around!

If your passing through and not from the area, First Landing also has some of the best campgrounds around. Might I add that they are dog friendly too!!  

It's definitely a fun place to go and if your in the area its a great experience for your dogs. I know not everyone has time to hike all the time but we just wanted tell our alternative to just playing at a dog park.

Motley and I hope everyone is doing GREAT!!!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pit Bull Contest Possibility

As bloggers and especially doggy bloggers, Motley and I have really been trying to come up with a way to have an interactive experience for all our serious followers and friends at The Pit Bull Palace!! A way for you to also help and get involved in spreading the wonderful characteristics of our precious pit bulls.

This is what Motley and I have come up with so that its all in the readers hands as to who wins. We will start having a weekly photo contest crowning a winner in the pit bull male category, pit bull female category, and an outside breed category (so our readers that don't own pit bulls still have a chance to enter the contest).

The way to enter this weekly competition will be real simple!! All you have to do is visit The Pit Bull Palace Facebook Page and like the page. Once you like the page just submit your dog picture to the time line. From Sunday to Saturday we will tally the likes up for each picture posted and the pit bull with the most likes for each category will win!!! We are doing it this way so that to win you need the other readers votes so nothing is biased!! To get more likes just spread the word about The Pit Bull Palace to your friends and have them vote for your dog picture. 

Each winner will have its own feature section along our sidebar. Here we will have a short bio and links to your facebook, twitter, and/or blog. 

So let the contests BEGIN. Visit
to post and start liking pictures!!!

Make sure to spread the word to your friends about The Pit Bull Palace Facebook Page so your able to get more likes!!!! I can't wait to see who the first winners will be!

Pit Bull Boredom

Hey puppy friends and doggy bloggers! Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying some great time with their doggy companions!!

So in Virginia Beach, Virginia the past two days it been raining and raining and raining. My pit bull just sits at the door and stares as if he's praying to the weather god's that he needs it to stop so we can go play. They, as much as it hurts to say, have not been listening to my poor pups prayers.

This is the look he's giving to me right now, like "Daddy can we PLEASEEEE go somewhere?"

Maybe if it stops, tonight we will be able to take a walk on the boardwalk at the beach and say hello to the females. Motley likes the attention and who can resist a pit bull face like that. haha

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

Someone once told me,"If you love your dog, you should be trying to teach it as much as possible to better them for every situation they may happen across."

I took this advice rather seriously, not just because I wanted a smart dog, but because a well obedient and well trained dog will make every situation a whole lot more fun! For example a dog that knows the command come, when you as the owner see something about to happen, alleviates the thought of your dog doing something unexpected, in turn being able to go more places. I guess you could say an under control dog is a great dog.

Before even getting my pit bull Motley, I began training myself as the owner in what things I was going to come across in my first adventure with a new dog of my own. I read books, training guides, articles, used the web, etc. just so I knew I'd be able to bring my pit bull up in the best way possible. I'm only going to recommend one book because a lot of them say the same things but DIY Easy Dog Training by Sharda Baker is a must get. If you are just starting to look for a pet or have a puppy this book is for you! I like this one more then most because most of the information comes from personal experiences, not just a how to kind  of approach.

Training your pet can be one of the most enjoyable experiences and yet one of the most frustrating experiences depending on how you want to make it. Every dog is different so training comes with knowing your dogs behaviors and building that relationship with it. When it comes to training a dog I will STRESS every time that POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT is the ONLY way to properly train one. What does that mean?

-Don't hit your dog
-Don't yell at your dog
-Don't abuse your dog(emotionally or physically)

Most dogs want to please their owners so be patient and know not everything happens over night. One training tip for you puppy owners that I myself would suggest(house training) is repitition. Keep your pets on a schedule, THEY LOVE IT!!

But back to positive reinforcement training!!( Got a little sidetracked) When training, always praise the dog for good behavior. This could mean anything from a slight "Good Dog", to a treat, or showing affection to your dog. They need to know what they are doing correct, not what they are doing wrong. If you yell when a dog does something wrong it only excites the dog thinking what it's doing is proper. Treat the dog for success not failure.

In the near future Motley and I will be posting videos of all our tircks we've learned over time.
Some he caught on quick and others he still gets confused, but he loves trick time because he knows treats are involved. Ha I hope all our doggy friends and owners also love this bonding time with each other!!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Talking About Pit Bulls

As a huge pit bull activist, and just truly enjoying the chance to portray pit bulls in a good light, you will never catch me silent when it comes to talking about pit bulls and the breeds that make up "pit bulls." 

Everyone has their own opinions on these dogs but not many take the time to appreciate what this breed of dogs actually bring to the table. Have you seen the great things pit bulls are capable of doing or do you only recognize the label the media has put on them?

This is probably the picture that comes to mind when someone says pit bull, if you have never gotten the chance to meet one personally.  I think it's horrible that this is how pit bulls are portrayed when they were only being loyal to how they were taught and raised. 

If you take a look back at the history of pit bulls you will notice these dogs are some of the most loyal and obedient breeds of dogs on the planet. Do you think they put that information in just to sound good? NO!!! Even now pit bulls are used in some very important positions because of how intelligent and obedient they are.

As the pictures show, pit bulls are used with the elderly as rehab dogs, to fight crime with the police, and even used for search and rescue situations!!! I don't know about you, but there are not too many other dogs I can think of that can handle all these different situations and still be happy in its element like a pit bull. Have I shed a little bit of light on how great these dogs are yet?

What about these pit bull puppy pictures?

Pit bulls are killers huh, They just come out of the womb vicious? That is not even realistic!  All dogs are different and you can definitely not account for every dogs actions, but pit bulls are just like every other breed of dog. They are cute, playful, and act as how they are taught. If you teach a pit bull how to properly act , you will find they don't cause trouble and just want to please and love on their human counter-parts. What more could you ask for out of a dog companion?

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunny Sunday

How are all our doggy friends and bloggers doing? Guess what? We've finally had some nice weather in Virginia Beach again!! Actually, we've had some record setting temperatures in our area with 82 degrees in February. That's crazy, it should be snowing. Haha Motley has made sure to take full advantage of all this good weather though!! You want know what my pit bull said to me today??

Lets's hit the beach!!
So we were off.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Welcome to the Family Koen

Hey guys, sorry we haven't been able to post in the past couple days. Motley and I have been out of the house so much that I haven't been able to sit down and get our thoughts together. We hope everyone enjoyed President's Day. Hopefully you were lucky enough to get off work and enjoy it. 

Motley insisted I take the time to share some big news that just happened within our family that he is extremely excited about. He's got a new doggy family member!!!

Here's some background information. My aunt and uncle used to have two german shepherd mixes that after the years grew old and passed away. They waited a little bit before considering it was time to get a new doggy companion, and went looking for another beloved german shepherd. After looking around for awhile, they found the one. I introduce you to Molly!

What a pretty girl she is!!! 

So jumping forward a little bit, it got in my Aunt and Uncle's minds that they had the time, space, a resources to possibly become a home for a foster dog. This is something I personally commend them for greatly!! Not everybody can do that, yet alone do it whole-heartedly. 

This is where Koen, another German Shepherd comes into the picture. He was there first foster dog and when he came to their house you couldn't do anything but feel bad for this guy's past. Koen went through some bad stuff, even having to get one of his legs amputated. I was happy to see while in his foster house Koen was gonna be able to get the presidential treatment. He deserved it!!!

Because of my Aunt and Uncle, Koen was now able to experience the beach/water, get to go on hikes, and have one of the best sisters around, Molly. 

After some time and a bunch of failed adoption attempts, it soon became evident that this might really be the place for Koen to call his forever home. It would have been hard not seeing him around anymore, esp for Molly!:) After thinking and thinking about it they decided Koen was where he needed to be!!! Welcome to the family Koen!!!!

I just wanted to post about this because you don't always get to see a dogs turnaround from bad to good. I also would once again like to commend my Aunt and Uncle for taking the time to get Koen back on track and showing him the love and dedication he needed and deserved. Motley's looking forward to all the big dog play dates in the future!!!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Would YOU Choose a Dog Because of Nose Color?

Hello fellow bloggers and doggy friends!!! We hope everyone has been enjoying themselves recently and more importantly giving your doggy companions as much love as possible!! Motley and I wanted to thank The Emptynester's Family Daily for there comment on the previous post about bubbles!!! Motley loved it!! It was a neat and enjoyable experience just watching him react to the bubbles. But thanks again for that tip!!

So on to the topic at hand. I was having a conversation with a friend of mine who is very interested in getting a pit bull. I had asked him if he looked around for them at shelters or if he was more interested in getting a puppy and raising it up. I always suggest looking at shelters first, but some people want to go through the puppy stages, training, and all that.

He expressed to me he had been looking at shelters, seeing whats out there, but was leaning more to finding a puppy. He then went on to make a statement that through my mind for a loop. I can understand maybe wanting a certain color dog(blue,brindle,fawn,white,black,etc), but he expressed he had to have a blue nose pit bull because they were better than the rest. I gladly asked why he thought that color nose mean't it was a better dog but he could not give me an answer. I didn't have a problem with him wanting a blue nose pit, but I couldn't understand why he thought that mean't it was better and that, that is how he planned on choosing his dog.

I had to break the news to him guys. Whether the nose is


or Black

It means nothing but that, COLOR. None of the three colors is any better than the other. I'm sure I don't have to go any further with this discussion for ya'll to know he felt kind of silly about his statement. 

I just really wanted to make that clear and that if your looking for a dog, any type really, there are many more things you should be thinking about then the color of its nose. 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day For Tricks

So I don't know where all our puppy and blogger friends live, but if your on the east coast,(we are in Virginia Beach, VA) the weather has been incredibly erratic recently. One day it's a nice sunny 60 degrees, the next it 28 degrees and snowing, then the next its 50 degrees and raining. How is a guy to plan excursions for his pit pull when its so crazy? Motley is looking at me right now like, "I think you are making excuses." Didn't know if anybody had some fun ideas you could do with your pups inside the house. Motley and I have been working more on his commands and little tricks which he enjoys because he gets a treat if he's good, but like everything, it gets old after a little while. Please leave suggestions if you might have any! Motley would greatly appreciate the suggestions also.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Thanks For the Award!!

     Liebster means dearest in German and the award is intended to help up and coming blogs get the attention they deserve. As with any award there is a bit of ceremony involved. In order to accept the award we must do the following:

1. Copy and paste the award on our blog.

2.Link back to the blogger who gave us the award.

3.Pick our five favorite blogs with less than 200 followers and leave a comment on there blog      to let them know they have received the award.

4.Hope that the five blogs chosen will keep spreading the love and pass it on to five more blogs

     We received this awesome award from our friends at The Empytnesters Family Daily.  Thanks so much!  We will pass on the love to 5 blogs too, even though we love all the ones we follow and it will be hard to pick!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Double Standard??

So as a pit bull owner and proudly taking Motley most places I go, I always keep him on a leash to avoid the chance of him running after something or doing something unexpected. I abide by this rule because, honestly its the right and responsible thing to do, and I know if Motley were to ever do anything wrong he'd probably be killed on the spot for being a "pit bull".

Here is where I have a little problem. What about these little dogs, for example a Chihuahua, that half the time are never leashed?
I bring this up because today, Motley and I were taking our daily walk and the neighbor had her little chihuahua outside. Well it decided it wanted to run at Motley, who honestly could careless, and give him a nice stare down. Two seconds later, my neighbor came running, screaming "Don't let him bite my dog!!!" The dogs never got within 5 feet of each other but it just struck a nerve that she would just let her nice looking dog wonder around and then yell at my dog not to bite while being on the leash. It really threw my mind for a loop.

Where are there consequences at?? Motley could have been taking away for something like that. I was nice about it because I had Motley under control and really didn't see any threat to begin with, but if the situation were opposite Motley would have been gone.

Like the title states, DOUBLE STANDARD!!
 Sorry, Motley and I had to get some frustration out!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pitbull For a Valentine

Motley and I wanted to wish all of the loving couples a very magical and memorable Valentine's Day.
Because I am still young, I have not yet found that special person to come into mine and Motley's life so I guess we shall be celebrating this year by ourselves. 
We hope everybody has a safe and enjoyable night with their significant others!!!