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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Binnie, The Abandoned Pit Bull Now Fights Terrorism

It's remarkable how wrong the saying, " You can't teach an old dog new tricks," is. With a little time, patience, and affection, anything can happen and/or be taught to our wonderful four legged friends. If you don't beleive me, please check out this story about Binnie the Pit Bull, that's now helping fight for the freedom of each an everyone of us by fighting terrorism.

Binnie was found in a warehouse in North Carolina by a dog handler who saw her abandoned and left for dead. Michael Bullock, the N.C based dog handler, had found Binnie extremely emaciated, tied to the wall of the warehouse by some wire.

Being the dog/animal lover he is, Michael Bullock took Binnie in and nursed the pit bull back to health. While caring for Binnie, Bullock soon started to notice what a talented dog he had in his presense. Binnie had an extremely keen sense of smell and after sometime, Bullock thought it would be smart to train Binnie to use his sense of smell for good. With that being said, Michael Bullock soon started training Binnie in the art of bomb sniffing.

It wasn't long before Binnie found what he was good at. After five weeks of training Binnie had surpassed all expectations, even out sniffing dogs that had been in the program for over ten weeks, being able to identify and sniff out over a dozen different explosives. Remarkable for only training five weeks if you ask me.

After hearing about Binnie, the Kenyan Government reached out to Michael Bullock to see if he would be interested as a dog handler trainer. Instead, Bullock thought sending Binnie would be a much better tool.

Binnie is now being used to fight terrorism on a regular basis for the Kenyan Government, sniffing out explosives in airports making it safe for everyone.

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