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Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Pit Bull Palace T-Shirts

Before Motley and I get started, we wanted to give everyone who took the time to read about the F18 jet crash in Virginia Beach, Virginia yesterday a little update. Everyone in from the apartment complexes have been accounted for and miraculously no one sustained any bad injuries! Eight people including the two jet pilots were taken to the hospital and are doing fine, while everyone at the crash sight has been chipping in and helping in any way possible. Its great even though it could have been really bad, to see a community come together in a time of need and work together!! Makes me feel good to say Motley and I are from Virginia Beach!

So on to the situation at hand. As The Pit Bull Palace grows as a blog and our message starts getting out there to more people we would also like to grow and start branding out a little more. The first thing that came to mind were t-shirts but before we got to deep in that idea we wanted and would love your help/advice as pit bull supporters.

Motley and I have been playing with a few designs, just trying to put our ideas on paper and would like to know what everyone of you think. Are they good designs? What could be changed? What would you like to see? How much would you consider paying for these shirts?

As pit bull supporters, we would like to be able to keep the prices low and yet still be able to give a certain percentage of the profits to some kind of pit bull shelter named at a later time. This will be a way to represent these beloved dogs and also give back to them at the same time. 

What do you think about the idea? the designs?
Please let us know what yall think!!


  1. I love the stop BSL one!

  2. I like the End BSL and the Love, Strength and Loyalty. Price - I would be willing to spend up to $20 for a shirt.

  3. I like the image in the first design! I agree up to $20 seems a fair price. Also have you thought about singlets? I find myself wearing them a lot here in Australia :D

  4. My wife would love the top one, looks just like her Meia (rescued,rehabbed and adopted). In fact she has more than a dozen shirts that resemble Meia and nearly that many that look like our Loki. Point is, pit owners/advocates tend to purchase shirts, mugs and tote bags with images resembling their best friends. However, the End BSL message is important. You may want to consider combining the two on one shirt. If so I guarantee my wife would buy two. Four if you had another that looked like Loki. ;)

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