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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Elijah, The REAL Fighting Pit Bull

Before you read the title and think I'm really going to talk about fighting pit bulls, read a little farther and discover what a REAL fighting pit bull is.

A REAL fighting pit bull is the only title that could sum up the life of Elijah the pit bull.

He was discovered in a rural Nebraska area by a local shelter after wandering around for around four days straight. Not only had he been wandering around for four days but Elijah had been shot twice and left for dead by his owners. When the shelter found him he had a bullet wound in his hindquarters and another one near the shoulder blade, which also contained maggots and was infected.

As of right now Elijah, after going through numerous surgeries and rehabbing, is doing quite well and almost fully recovered. Tell me thats not a true fighter! The ones that you thought you could trust tried to kill you, left you for dead, and yet he can still turn around and be friendly with people. Its amazing how great pit bulls can be!

There is a little more to the story about Elijah's previous owner but I didn't want to get into that because it wasn't the part of the story I thought was important. If you'd like to read the full story please feel free to check it out though.


  1. What a great dog. Hope he finds a permanent home soon.

  2. pits can be so resilient! It gives me hope that Schultzy will learn to love and trust more people over time.

  3. Resilient is the word I always use to describe pits! Wonderful, that IS a fighter!