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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Why Choose a Pitbull?? (part 1)

"Why choose a pitbull as your family pet instead of a dog such as a lab or golden retreiver?"

As a pitbull owner, this is a question I have been asked many times and before I answer, I always shoot the question back, "Why not?" What makes a pitbull any worse than any other kind of dog you can bring into your family? I guess you probably know the answers I got back.

-Pitbulls were bred to fight
-Dont Pitbulls turn on there owners
-Pitbulls have a bad reputation
-Pitbulls will attack at any time

When I receive these kinds of answers I can do nothing but give them a little chuckle. When it comes to pitbulls, there are facts and there are exaggerated stories. None of the answers they replied with can honestly be backed up with factual information. 

Pitbulls did not start out as fighting dogs. Pitbulls were used as working dogs to herd livestock/animals and as guard dogs.

This is a reason pitbulls, if trained correctly, have no human aggression what so ever. They live to please there owners. This is also a reason these dogs do have animal aggression. They were trained to guard and protect. If you don't know the difference between animal aggression and human aggression I will go over it in another post.

Now on to the pitbulls turning on there owners. Once again as I said before, the proper temperament of a pitbull should show no signs of human aggression. A well bred pit is an exceptional dog being loving, affectionate, loyal, very low maintenance, and awesome with kids. If that doesnt sound like a family dog, I have no idea what does.

I think most of the misconception of pitbulls come from the statistics about dog fighting and the medias perception of pits. If you look at most statistics, most of the so called pitbull bites weren't from full bred pitbulls. This is why I dont think you can really campare any dog to a pitbull.  Explain to me why a lab or golden retreiver are any safer??? It all depends on the owner!!! If a dog isn't brought up correctly it will act unexpectedly. I dont think you can blame it on the pitbull because its only doing as it was taught.

This is just the start to this conversation but leave your comments so we can expand the conversation. I'd like to know everyones insight on the topic. Please stay tuned for Part 2 and so on!!!


  1. I think the actual bite statistics show labs, goldens, cocker spaniels and a few others are MORE likely to bite than a pit! But try telling that to a misinformed sad and unfair.