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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Why Choose a Pitbull?? (part 2)

What do you really think goes into the mind of a person who is interested in a pitbull as a family pet? I can honestly say that I wasn't even interested in a pitbull when I began looking for a dog companion which shows after research that I found a pitbull would have made a much better pet then other dogs/breeds.

As an active male that enjoys going out and doing things with his pet, my first choice of dog, which was a bulldog, would have been a really bad dog for me. It wouldn't have been able to go on hikes, camping, swimming at the beach or lakes, or daily runs through the neighborhood because bulldogs are just not that active or athletic. It was a big deal for me to have a dog that could handle the elements and keep up without getting to worn out.

I think the biggest thing that goes into someone getting a pitbull is the characteristics they possess. Pitbulls are some of the most intelligent dogs being trained to do anything from therapy, rehab, search and rescue, etc. Looking into a pet, you want to know they will be trainable and listen to commands and with a pitbull's eagerness to please its owner, they catch on real quick. They yearn for that approval and satisfaction from there owners.

Another characteristic is the strength and athleticism of pitbulls. Like I said in a previous paragraph, I wanted a dog that could keep up on all the outdoor adventures we would encounter. With Motley, I am able to do all the things I enjoy without having to worry.

The biggest factor in myself choosing a pitbull was getting a chance to be around them. All the bad press and bad publicity could never sway my opinions on pitbulls anymore. They are caring, gentle, athletic, confident, and very smart animals. Pitbulls are also some of the friendliest dogs around, always seeking the attention of there human counterparts, even strangers. I know if you got the opportunity to play with a pitbull, it would fill you up with joy inside.

I guess what makes a person choose a pitbull can be categorized in a bunch of different ways, but its all in what your looking for in a pet. As you can see I'm enjoying the experience with my pitty Motley, and wouldn't trade him for anything. I hope I was able to spread a little bit of light on how great pitbulls can really be.

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