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Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Good Pit Bull is a Supervised Pit Bull

Hey guys, I know in the title I said "A Good Pit Bull is a Supervised Pit Bull," but to be honest, I believe what I'm about to say should be directed towards all dogs and dog owners and not just pit bulls.

You come across people and their pets all the time, hopefully most being great experiences, but sometimes unexpected things do happen. When talking to a pet owner, and I'm guilty of this, I enjoy being able to say what a great dog I have and that in my mind I don't think he( Motley my pit bull) would ever attack a person or other dog in this life time.

This is slightly ignorant because I know my dog, being a pit bull, was brought up with that prey drive in them, but because he's been properly socialized and trained I've become accustomed to his triggers and warning signs and the ability to react accordingly. BUT, what's to say I'm not there and can't react?

Everyone knows my stance on leashes, and I hope everyone uses them, but this post is more about leaving your dogs in the yard for long amounts of time, even with a leash. How about if I use this analogy?

Would you leave your kid in the backyard and come back in 30 minutes and expect them not to have done something mischievous?

Its the same with our dogs!! They are curious, attentive to their surroundings, and have minds of their own so nothing should ever be expected. Always keep an eye on your pet or take the proper precautions when you can't be there to supervise. I've heard so many stories of great owners losing their pets because they didn't think their dog would escape the gate, whether that means lost, hit by car, etc.

The saddest story I've heard was about and owner and her beloved four year old pit bull. What makes this story worse is the fact that she was a great owner and really thought she took the proper precautions. The pit bull was let outside and because she needed to get the kids ready for school and what not, she put it on a rope so just incase, the pit bull wouldn't jump or escape the fence. Sadly, the pit bull did try to jump the fence but the rope was to short and ended up hanging itself. When the owner came out to let her pit bull back in the house it was too late.

Its a horrible story and I wish I didn't have to tell people about it but I just want everyone to realize that nothing is expected and you should be supervising your pets at all times. Its your duty as the owner.

Just something to think about...


  1. All very well said. Couldn't agree with you more. When my husband was a young, he witnessed the same incident of a dog hanging himself. I've learned not only from him but my dogs as well that it's my job to keep them and others safe, no matter what that means.

    Great post. Well said.

    1. sorry your husband had to witness that:/

  2. Oh no, how sad for that last story. When I get in the shower in the early morning, I won't even let my Titan stay outside. Too many things can happen. When outside, in our fenced in yard, I still periodically check on him to make sure all is ok. I'm kind of anal about it but one can never be too sure. There are people in my neighborhood who don't use leashes and it irritates me horribly. Then there are the dang stray cats everywhere. Awesome advice. I wish everyone would take precautions if not for their own dogs safety, than others.

    Brenda, Four-Legged Mom

  3. We take a lot of precautions with our dogs, mostly involving keeping them crated when we cannot supervise them and leashed when in public. We don't currently have a yard, but if we ever do, this is a good reminder to not just leave them outside unsupervised.

  4. Excellent post an a very sad but important reminder to always supervise your dog. Thanks for the Twitter follow of Bocci's Beefs @boccibeefs.
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  5. In our backyard two sides are walled an the back side is sort of a "scenic view" with wrought iron posts. I don't leave them long in the backyard unattended because I honestly think the girls could jump the fence if they want to. I don't think they have the desire to jump the fence, but they love "hunting" rabbits in the backyard and you never know! My boyfriend thinks I'm paranoid but I think being paranoid ensures our dogs are always safe.

  6. In Jen's job, she's often in daycare centers. Even the best ones can't see everything that happens. And that's with attentive staff right there. So of course things are going to happen if we're not attentive. The same is true at home with both our kids and our dogs (and other companion animals). Stuff happens to good people. None of us are immune, but we CAN be diligent to prevent as many accidents as possible.

    You've got a great blog here. Glad I found you.