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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

Someone once told me,"If you love your dog, you should be trying to teach it as much as possible to better them for every situation they may happen across."

I took this advice rather seriously, not just because I wanted a smart dog, but because a well obedient and well trained dog will make every situation a whole lot more fun! For example a dog that knows the command come, when you as the owner see something about to happen, alleviates the thought of your dog doing something unexpected, in turn being able to go more places. I guess you could say an under control dog is a great dog.

Before even getting my pit bull Motley, I began training myself as the owner in what things I was going to come across in my first adventure with a new dog of my own. I read books, training guides, articles, used the web, etc. just so I knew I'd be able to bring my pit bull up in the best way possible. I'm only going to recommend one book because a lot of them say the same things but DIY Easy Dog Training by Sharda Baker is a must get. If you are just starting to look for a pet or have a puppy this book is for you! I like this one more then most because most of the information comes from personal experiences, not just a how to kind  of approach.

Training your pet can be one of the most enjoyable experiences and yet one of the most frustrating experiences depending on how you want to make it. Every dog is different so training comes with knowing your dogs behaviors and building that relationship with it. When it comes to training a dog I will STRESS every time that POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT is the ONLY way to properly train one. What does that mean?

-Don't hit your dog
-Don't yell at your dog
-Don't abuse your dog(emotionally or physically)

Most dogs want to please their owners so be patient and know not everything happens over night. One training tip for you puppy owners that I myself would suggest(house training) is repitition. Keep your pets on a schedule, THEY LOVE IT!!

But back to positive reinforcement training!!( Got a little sidetracked) When training, always praise the dog for good behavior. This could mean anything from a slight "Good Dog", to a treat, or showing affection to your dog. They need to know what they are doing correct, not what they are doing wrong. If you yell when a dog does something wrong it only excites the dog thinking what it's doing is proper. Treat the dog for success not failure.

In the near future Motley and I will be posting videos of all our tircks we've learned over time.
Some he caught on quick and others he still gets confused, but he loves trick time because he knows treats are involved. Ha I hope all our doggy friends and owners also love this bonding time with each other!!!

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  1. What a good post with good tips and reminders! The first Golden that we trained the trainer didn't use positive reinforcement, and he started to fold up--At the time, I didn't understand, but by the time I got to our 2nd dog, I did, and never used anything but positive training techniques again.