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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Double Standard??

So as a pit bull owner and proudly taking Motley most places I go, I always keep him on a leash to avoid the chance of him running after something or doing something unexpected. I abide by this rule because, honestly its the right and responsible thing to do, and I know if Motley were to ever do anything wrong he'd probably be killed on the spot for being a "pit bull".

Here is where I have a little problem. What about these little dogs, for example a Chihuahua, that half the time are never leashed?
I bring this up because today, Motley and I were taking our daily walk and the neighbor had her little chihuahua outside. Well it decided it wanted to run at Motley, who honestly could careless, and give him a nice stare down. Two seconds later, my neighbor came running, screaming "Don't let him bite my dog!!!" The dogs never got within 5 feet of each other but it just struck a nerve that she would just let her nice looking dog wonder around and then yell at my dog not to bite while being on the leash. It really threw my mind for a loop.

Where are there consequences at?? Motley could have been taking away for something like that. I was nice about it because I had Motley under control and really didn't see any threat to begin with, but if the situation were opposite Motley would have been gone.

Like the title states, DOUBLE STANDARD!!
 Sorry, Motley and I had to get some frustration out!!


  1. Your blog is all so true, and yes Im sure your dog would of been gone because of the breed. ALL pet owners need to be responsible. I gave you the liebster award for your blog...check out the details on my blog

  2. Thank you very much!!! Motley and I are new to this blogging stuff so its nice to get good feedback!! We are checking out the link right now!!! Thanks again!

  3. Completely true and I have been in similar situations. My little Mutt was attacked by another large dog at the dog park. My pit bull came to the rescue and attacked the large dog. No one asked if my dogs were okay but everyone made sure they other dog who started the entire thing was okay. My pit bull was only protecting her sister, and once I called her she completely backed off. Yet I left the dog park to rude comments and stares.

    There is prejudice with dogs just as there is prejudice with humans. I love that you keep your dog on a leash and are a responsible dog owner.

  4. My Catahoula gets that same disrespect. I've given up taking her off our farm, because of her looks even though she is also a "Good Dog". My Rough Collie gets away with anything. She walked over onto the neighbor's lawn and pooped(nearly)on the lady's foot and got "Awww isn't she Cute". Luckily my Catahoula actually prefers to stay home and dig gophers or sit on the couch and watch TV with her 4 cats.

  5. I have this same exact problem with my neighbor's yorkie! Unfortunately both my dogs are extremely excitable about other dogs, especially ones who have "escaped" their leash. So every time this yorkie is out it looks like my dogs are crazy scary psychos and makes me look like a bad owner. I have asked her to be more careful but she is completely clueless and it's so frustrating!

  6. Thanks for following my blog! I once had a little off-leash dog run, barking, across the street toward myself and my leashed dog. When the owner caught up to it, he asked if my dog bites. Well no, but it wouldn't be an issue if your dog was leashed in the first place.

  7. I understand your frustration and need to vent. I suspect this is especially frustrating if you're a pitbull, because there are lots of misinformed people who have preconceived notions about pitties, but really this is a problem for all dogs. If I'm out walking on a leash and an unleashed dog (or even a leashed dog) runs up to me and gets in my face, and I react to that dog's rudeness by snapping, it becomes my fault, when I'm really just reacting naturally. A lot of dogs -- good, well-behaved dogs -- become very uncomfortable when other dogs (esp. unleashed) run up to them. People need to be responsible and control their dogs and not let their dogs - on or off leash - just approach other dogs and greet nose to nose.