FI4Fl0PGX14tiLVN8g1HFXcDgOg The Pitbull Palace: Sunny Sunday

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunny Sunday

How are all our doggy friends and bloggers doing? Guess what? We've finally had some nice weather in Virginia Beach again!! Actually, we've had some record setting temperatures in our area with 82 degrees in February. That's crazy, it should be snowing. Haha Motley has made sure to take full advantage of all this good weather though!! You want know what my pit bull said to me today??

Lets's hit the beach!!
So we were off.


  1. Enjoy the warm weather, Motley. It snowed here yesterday, and today it's below freezing.

  2. I have never walked on a real beach next to an ocean. It looks great! Enjoy your wonderful weather.

  3. Well, since you asked... We had 60 degree weather on Thursday and it snowed on Friday! ARGH!!

  4. For once we had a cooler weekend! My girls have never seen the beach, or the ocean. Glad y'all got to enjoy the nice weather!

  5. Great photos! Motley knows where to go on a nice day!