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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pitbull Playdate

Hey guys, hope everyone is doing well and if your like us in Virginia Beach, we hope your enjoying what feels like spring weather in February. Its been quite warm here the past couple days and lucky enough for Motley, I got off work early and we got to go play with a pitbull friend and enjoy the outdoors.

I came home from work today to see my lazy pitbull sprawled out on the couch and I knew it would be a good day to take him for an adventure to unleash his energy.

As always Motley was very excited to take a car ride but I made sure to keep it a surprise where we were going. He doesn't get to see his girlfriend too often, so I wanted to see the joy in his eyes when he realized he was getting a doggy date.
Mocha the gorgeous, brindle pitbull is his all time favorite friend and they've known each other since birth.

When they get together, they could careless about anything else going on around them. From playing tag, to wrestling, to playing fetch, anything will keep them busy.

After a long day of playing we are now finally back home about to take a puppy nap!!! I'm sure Motley will be past out for the next three hours. 

We hope everyone else have been able to enjoy the weather and gotten out and had fun with they doggy companions. 

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