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Monday, February 6, 2012

First Pitty Experience

I know when a person sees a pitbull for the first time, many things could cross through their mind. Many people see my pitbull Motley and before they come up the first thing they ask is "Does he bite?"  Well of course being as sarcastic as I am, I say yes he bites, every dog bites. 

Will he bite is a whole different question though. They soon find out after petting Motley and hanging out with him for a little bit that hes one of the biggest babies you would ever meet and only wants to give kisses and get attention.

As a pitbull owner I really wanted to see what everyone elses first experience of a pitbull was. Was it as bad as you expected or was it a real enjoyable time?

Please leave comments or send your first pitbull experience to my email!! I would really like to be able to post a couple of these stories in a follow up post! 


  1. This post is lovely. I think we're on two opposite spectrums of the dog owning experience. Your pit bull is lovely and my husky (who, by definition, is supposed to be super friendly) is very not nice with strange people/dogs. It's funny how that works. People need to recognize that dogs are individuals and don't necessarily go along with the breed's reputation!

  2. i definately agree...just like people, every dog is different and cannot be treated the same...thank you for the comment